Our Mission

At SEO Jesus, we skip the smoke and mirrors. 

Frustrated with how top London-based international SEO agencies operated, Stewart Vickers left a comfortable senior insurance marketing role to build an agency designed to deliver leading results for a fair price.

Our Vision

We cut out the vague retainer and replaced it with solid deliverables. 

We replaced fixed 18-month contracts with a simple monthly subscription.

SEO never let’s you specify an outcome. But what we can do is guarantee you the deliverables we do have control over: optimized content and high quality backlinks.

The result? By focusing on proven fundamentals, the vast majority of our clients see transformative results.

Our Team

Stewar, Founder

After five years of balancing insurance marketing with affiliate marketing sidehustles, Stewart took the leap to starting an agency and sharing tutorials on case studies on Youtube which gave him the name SEO Jesus.

Natasa, SEO Manager

With more than 10 years experience in SEO, web design and running various online businesses, Natasa personally looks after all our clients.

Charlotte, Project Manager

Charlotte worked for Stewart for years when he was building his website portfolio. Now she leads our outreach team to place hundreds of high quality backlinks every month.

Edwin, Content Lead

Edwin has written for a lot of household brands and combines that experience with a cutting edge insight into SEO and AI.