Brand Boost - Branded Clicks for Top Rank

Brand Boost - Cheap brand booster for top ranking

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Get 60 searches and clicks each month for your brand name

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✔️ More Google searches for your brand name
✔️ Establish yourself as a “known entity” to Google
✔️ Use Google’s unfair advantage normally reserved for big brands

When Google sees more people searching for your brand name, your website will rank higher for all relevant keywords.

Websites that receive branded traffic get much better results.
Don’t have a brand name people google? Use this and reach the top fast!

Branded traffic is when visitors flock to your website by searching directly for your brand name.

It’s all about people typing your unique brand into search engines, eager to find exactly what you offer!

Pull in sizzling leads and prove to Google you’re top-notch.

Climb those ranks and double your sales utilizing the new SERP algorithm.

Why You Need Our Brand Signal Booster Service

Brand booster benefits
  1. Boosts Search Rankings: Brand searches improve your search engine rankings. They show your brand’s popularity and credibility.
  2. Increases Conversion Rates: Visitors from brand searches buy much more than first-comers. Repeated visitors have higher conversion rates (statistics show up to 70%) than those from non-branded traffic.
  3. Provides Market Insight: Analyzing brand search volume gives you valuable insights. You’ll understand brand awareness and shape your marketing strategies optimally.
  4. Sets Competitive Dominance: A high volume of brand searches sets you apart from competitors. It positions your brand as a top choice for all consumers in your niche.

How Our Brand Signal Booster Works

Brand Boost CTR Booster Activates – Simulates searches for your brand name and clicks on the link to your website twice a day at random times from locations relevant to your business. (Google will think 2 people from the specified area were typing your brand in thei browser and clicking on the offered page on your website).

Brand Searches Signal Trust and Authority – Users searching for your brand by name demonstrate its recognition and credibility to Google.

Algorithm Prioritizes Brand Recognition – Recent algorithm changes have made brand recognition one of the top ranking factors; the more people search for your brand, the more valuable it is from Google’s perspective.

Improved Search Rankings and Visibility – Brand searches lead to higher placements in search results, improving your overall visibility and traffic.


Brand Boost CTR Booster Activates 

Brand Searches Signal Trust and Authority

Algorithm Prioritizes Brand Recognition

Improved Search Rankings and Visibility

More Traffic and Higher Conversions

More Reviews, Mentions

Increased Brand Loyalty and Higher Retention Rates

Higher Rank Score on Google

Even Higher Ranking

Brand boost


Brand Booster increases brand searches, which positively affects the brand’s reputation recognized by Google, and Google pushes your website up, considering it more relevant. 

The higher the website, the more traffic comes, the more people learn about your brand, and (if your product or service is satisfactory) they repeatedly come to you, which starts the cycle again.

❗❗ You do not have to use the Brand Booster indefinitely. Once the desired recognition is achieved, you won’t need the service anymore. Cancel your subscription whenever you want.