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1 Press release

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All the Benefits of Affordable SEO Packages

Each SEO service you’ll get will improve your business’s online visibility.

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Audits for Web Pages SEO

Affordable SEO packages - benefits of Audits

The Effects of Website Pages SEO

Traffic: Optimized pages will attract visitors through improved user experience and targeted content.

Brand Awareness: High-quality and unique content will reflect your brand’s expertise and reliability, enriching your brand image.

Ranking: SEO optimization is necessary for search engines. If your website is not properly structured, with the right keywords in headings, titles, URLs, meta descriptions, and image alt titles, Google will not bother to crawl it, nor will it understand the purpose.

Profit: Without good, programmatic SEO, you won’t rank. If you are not on the first page in SERP, you are invisible: no visitors, no leads, no clients, or sales.

We use the Surfer SEO tool to analyze your website’s pages by comparing them with the top 10 websites that show up in Google SERP for a specific keyword. 

Surfer pinpoints the best keywords to use and provides a detailed list of recommendations on how to improve each page, from content tweaks to strategic keyword placement. Your team can apply recommendations so the page performs better in search results, multiplying your chances for a higher ranking.

Press Releases

Affordable SEO packages - benefits of Press releases

Positive Effects of Press Release Campaigns

A press release is a public announcement about your business’s latest happenings, whether that’s launching a new product or hosting a major event. Announcements are distributed to numerous media outlets and news platforms. 

The goal is to reach thousands of people to learn about your business updates and boost your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Press releases build your brand’s trust and keep your product and services in front of the public.

You can utilize press releases for your social media campaigns, thus further empowering your brand.

🏆 BTW: The logos of all publications that mention your business will look nice on your Homepage (the quickest method to invoke trust in first-time visitors).

Traffic: Distributing a press release will attract immediate traffic as news outlets and websites pick it up. The system is well established. Informational platforms are always hungry for news. Give them what they want, and you’ll appear in hundreds of posts. The beauty is that all news websites are linked – if they do not have the source, they’ll take from other news outlets.

Brand Awareness: A well-written press release will increase brand visibility and recognition across various media platforms. Make it enticing and engaging. Announce positive changes in your company. Glue your leads to screens.

🏆 Profit: Increased traffic and brand exposure lead to higher sales and revenue.


Effects of Citations

Citations are similar to having your business listed in a modern-day digital phonebook. Citations are entries in online directories that include your business name, address, and phone number (and sometimes a description of your services and products)

🏆 When your business is consistently listed across a variety of reputable directories, people will discover it easily when they search for services or products like yours, especially in your local search results. More visibility in searches translates into more traffic and potential customers

How do Citations Boost Your Product or Service

Traffic: Citations in business directories will increase the chances of being found by potential local clients.

Brand Awareness: Citations will establish your business in local and niche markets.

Ranking: Consistent citations across directories will support local SEO efforts.

Profit: Local visibility will attract more customers, thus increasing sales.

Press Release Distribution

Where will your press release go and who will see it?

  • Placement on AP News (Associated Press) with a potential reach of 35 million unique monthly visitors
  • Placement on leading news aggregators and research tools (Google News, Bloomberg terminals, Muckrack, Moody’s NewsEdge, Naviga and Menafn)
  • Exclusive placement on 3,900+ Affinity Group publications based on relevance
  • Indexed on major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask)
  • Distributed to US TV/radio
  • Distributed through the world Media Mirectory based on relevance
  • Distributed by email to registered EIN newsdesk readers
  • Same day distribution

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