Your Own Personal Jesus: Private Consultation With Stewart Vickers

Welcome to a unique consulting experience with Stewart Vickers, the driving force behind SEO Jesus many other major brands.

This page is dedicated to those who have expressed interest in personalized, one-on-one SEO consulting sessions. 

While our primary focus remains on our comprehensive Done-For-You (DFY) services which include Stewart’s team and processes under his close supervision, we acknowledge the demand for direct access to Stewart’s expertise.

About the Consulting Sessions

Stewart offers a limited number of exclusive consulting sessions. These are intensive, one-on-one meetings designed for those who seek highly specialized SEO guidance. 

Given Stewart’s extensive commitments and the depth of preparation involved, these sessions are rare and scheduled based on availability.

Session Details and Pricing

  • Duration and Format: Each session is meticulously prepared to maximize value within the allocated time.
  • Content: Focused on providing strategic insights and addressing specific, complex SEO challenges.
  • Investment: The fee for these sessions reflects the level of personalized attention and expertise provided. 
  • Requirements: The more information you can give us beforehand, the better your results will be. 
  • Implementation: These calls will only be impactful if you implement the guidance you are given. Alternatively you can take advantage of our Done For You services.