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How Branded Searches Boost Your Google Rankings

When people search for your brand name on Google, it shows that your brand is well-known and trusted. 

Google sees these branded searches as “votes of confidence” in your authority. The more branded searches you get, the more authority Google assigns to your website.

Why does this matter?

❗❗Google aims to show the most authoritative and relevant sites at the top of its results. ❗❗

So as your branded searches increase, Google starts to see your site as more credible – not just for searches of your brand name, but for related keywords too.

For example, if lots of people start searching for “Acme Shoes”, Google will view Acme as an authority in the shoe space. 

This will push Acme’s pages to rank higher for valuable searches like “best running shoes” or “comfortable work shoes” that drive sales.

SEO Jesus Stewart Vickers

In short, branded searches have a ripple effect across your search presence. By getting more people to search for your brand name, you can boost rankings for the keywords that matter most to your bottom line. Branded search is a powerful way to show Google and potential customers that you’re a trusted, relevant brand in your industry.

In this toolkit, I will give you some of my top methods I have discovered for increasing branded searches.

Even if:

  • You are a new brand no one is currently searching for.
  • You don’t already have an audience.
  • Your website doesn’t have a “brand”.

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