How to Build Backlinks from Major Media (Under $100)

Build Backlinks from 10 Major Media Websites

How to Build Backlinks from 10 Major Media Websites For Less Than $100

Today I’m going to share with you how I was able to build backlinks from more than 10 extremely high DR PR authority websites to my affiliate website — for less than a hundred dollars!

I normally talk about SEO being a simple process of content and links. I don’t approve of how a lot of other gurus will overcomplicate that; instead, I like to break it down to the simple steps required to get the results you deserve.

In my link-building agency, we reach out to thousands of websites every week, negotiating placements for both my sites and our clients, and these deliver really good results. But on this occasion, we saw an opportunity guaranteed to give results based on our case studies.



Our Screening Process for Link Building

The way we do this is to reject 90% of the links we could potentially get because we have a lengthy 20-step screening process that every single link goes through.

It was in this screening process that we identified this opportunity. We tend to check things like the backlinks of the linking sites, to confirm if they are actually genuine sites with genuine links. We want to know if they have editorial mentions in big media brands or if they have spammed and used manipulation tactics.

We also look at the type of traffic the site is getting: is it genuine and from relevant countries or is it more like generic info content like error codes and stuff that doesn’t really have any value?

It was while checking the backlinks for this particular site that we realized lots of the links pointing at it were towards one article from this blog post that had gone viral years ago. It picked up loads of mainstream media coverage in sites like Vice, Cosmopolitan, and similar. But now that page didn’t exist anymore and was leading to a 404 error page. So we’re faced with all these links pointing to a dead page.



Basic Requirements Each Website Must Meet

0 Important for SEO - best practices

Normally if a site passes our test and passes all those 20 screening steps, we’ll then negotiate with it and try and work out what it will take for them to place a link to our client with some relevant anchor text either in a relevant article or with a fresh article. With ChatGPT, we’re moving more and more toward PR-style placements where we write a page of content like in a news editorial or traditional advertorial that appears like information but is actually a sales message promoting the client. 

That means it’s both the SEO benefit in terms of getting the link that points to the client site and allows it to rank better. From a human perspective, we also make it look like some really good PR for that client doing great stuff plus we optimize it using correlational SEO tools so page itself — the PR piece — can rank on Google for the target keyword; the aim being that when the client’s target market searches for their keyword, the client site shows up. But not just that, we also want all these press mentions, all blog posts on other media brands mentioning the client and selling their story to be visible.

Other than that, our favorite tactic is finding existing blog posts that already have some age and already have some power, maybe some links pointing at it, and maybe even some traffic. We also make sure it’s a page that’s relevant to our client, talking about a similar subject.



Identifying Opportunities To Leapfrog Competition

Now, in this case, we identified that the page was very closely related to one of my websites; so I wanted all those links ideally because it was talking about the same sort of subject. Obviously, I couldn’t insert a link on the page that wasn’t there anymore, but then it occurred to me that rather than asking to place a link on the page, we could try something else entirely.



Negotiating Redirects

We spoke to the webmaster and said: ‘What would it take for you to simply take this dead page and redirect it to my website?’ and it was just that simple. It ended up costing about the same amount as a standard link but the result was that their empty page now led and redirected to my website. Therefore the 10+ high-powered PR links pointing in that blog post that no longer existed went straight to my website, massively increasing my authority.

If we go through the backlinks of this site, you can see the kind of quality that I’m talking about. And if we look at these backlinks, we can see the kind of power and quality that I’m talking about After getting the webmaster to redirect those pages to my site, I inherited the links through the redirect.

IMG Screenshoot

No-follow links still have some power of their own, too. Just remember, Google always wants proper media mentions that are good quality. Now that most big media brands have no-followed all their external links, Google doesn’t have any choice but to at least factor them into consideration.

Because one particular post went truly viral and was topically relevant to my theme, the anchor text of the links and the surrounding contextual words of the links all add up to the same sort of topic I’m talking about on my website. Because of that, I’ve inherited a huge amount of power for a simple negotiation with a webmaster.



Cost Comparison to Standard Link Acquisition

It was not an expensive transaction at all and I got links that money can’t buy. If I were to even try to get them through PR, we’d be talking thousands upon thousands of dollars. So this is just one way that we’re always thinking outside the box with my agency.

Yes, we follow a simple process to deliver good results through good deliverables, but having said that, there’s always room for the human touch. When there’s an opportunity, you go for it because that’s where your competitive edge lies.


Build Backlinks for Top Results and Huge Benefits

Now, if we look at the traffic to this little side project over time, you can see the big impacts of these links. It’s not only proven the value of good links but also how effective the particular trick was.


Increased Authority Through Redirected PR Links

This was a fresh domain I started last year and it’s already up to 19 DR. That’s with very conservative link building because it’s only a side project. However, we can see the domain rating and pretty much as soon as the domain rating went up in that space of time, we can see the traffic massively scaled as well.

I identified this dead 404 page that did have a lot of links pointing at it that weren’t going anywhere negotiated with the webmaster so I got the benefit of those links and my traffic has taken off so hopefully that just demonstrates the power not only of really good links but also the benefit of thinking outside the box and using an agency where it’s actual human beings doing these kinds of manual checks.

Watch the described method on YouTube.

Importance of Genuine Outreach

A lot of agencies will just resell other resellers so no one knows where these links are ultimately coming from. It’s normally bought off lists. 

But not us, we do actual, genuine outreach and that means we can spot opportunities and talk to webmasters. So, not only can we get better quality links for less, but we also get a good relationship with those webmasters who are surely not going to take down those links in a few weeks.

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