SEO to Rank Higher On Google And SELL

SEO to Rank Higher On Google And SELL 1

I’m going to share with you a really powerful technique I’ve been using to compound both my YouTube and Google SEO success. Three weeks ago, I didn’t even bother with my YouTube channel. I had maybe a few shorts and that was just about it. But then a couple of videos went viral and ever since then, I’ve been producing content pretty much every day because it drives me serious leads and sales. In a short space of time, I’ve generated a huge amount of views and a ton of subscribers. But they are just shadow metrics.

YouTube SEO Tip: Rank Higher On Google And SELL

What really matters is ‘how much am I selling through that? I can show you my Google SEO traffic: The Power Lever Method which is a brand I just started for my book and my new SEO for Coachess brand. That’s a relatively new website that’s not getting too much focus. It’s also not dominating Google yet.


What Really Matters: Sales, Not Views

So if we look at the last 12 months, we see that overall it’s been quite small but then in the last few weeks (same time as I’ve been active on YouTube), it has really taken off. But why is that important? Because Google rewards brand name traffic. It’s a real sign that you’re an actual brand rather than just another scammy website or blog. So do anything you can to actually get your branded traffic up. 

One of my clients is getting fantastic results from that and I think a lot of that was actually due to the fact they already had quite an established brand early on when they didn’t have any content. One of their top keywords was their name, and it was getting about 200 searches a month because they were big on YouTube.


Using Established Brands for Rapid SEO Results

Now here is one reason why I love running an agency. Yes, I’ve got my own businesses, affiliate projects, and my own websites but it can be very difficult to get them off the ground because you really have to build that up from scratch.

Whereas with an agency, I’m able to find clients who have already got some presents but they’re not maximizing their SEO opportunity. I’m telling them that thousands of people a month are searching for their product and yet they’re missing out on that because they don’t show up on Google for those searches.

However, because they’ve already got an established brand that people are searching for, people are Googling their name. That means any work we do has very rapid results because they’ve already got trust and authority with Google. All we have to do are a few tweaks and boom! The traffic just takes off.

They unlock that traffic source, whereas I’m used to SEO projects where it takes months and months grinding away to actually build up that trust and authority with Google, and prove that we’re a real business rather than just another scammer. Now on the flipside, we have YouTube.


Monetizing YouTube: Beyond Views and Traffic

SEO to Rank Higher On Google And SELL


Loads of people struggle to monetize YouTube. You can get loads of traffic and views quite happily but most people struggle with conversion. It happens a lot with bloggers and SEO as well. At first, you have a traffic problem but then you have a conversion problem. Now with blogs, our agency helps with conversion rate optimization and it generally relies on putting prominent calls to action (CTAs) within the blog post.

So, linking to your products linking to your free lead magnets, building your email list, and retargeting that audience as well –they all work, whether you’ve done it organically with email and social media, or with paid ads.


How The Size of Revenue Sharing Affects YouTube Monetization Processes

With YouTube, most people are focused on getting monetized. Video ad revenues are really small on YT. You’re never going to make that much money that way, especially if you’re in a niche that isn’t the so-called ‘High ticket Niche’ like finance or something like that.

The best way to make money with YouTube is to sell services and expertise. That is why I’ve niched down to SEO for coaches. I will take other SEO clients as well, but coaches are my main niche because good-quality information is the most valuable product on the planet. Something like a business coach who can improve your business by 10% could be worth hundreds of thousands every year, even millions. 

That’s why big coaches like Tony Robins will often operate on a revenue share model, which enables them to yield massive results just by fixing an entrepreneur’s mindset. Similarly, I work with a lot of speakers.

A speaking engagement now is worth a huge amount because yes, you might get paid 5 to $10,000 for the speaking engagement, but if you then sell your program as part of your talk to the 500 people in attendance, 100 of those people may sign up for your program, and therefore a single speaking engagement could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring business.



Advice To YouTube Channel Owners

I always encourage anyone with a YouTube channel: ‘If you want to build your own audience, don’t rely on YouTube. Don’t stick with the YouTube and native ads because you’re always going to be lowballed. Basically, you’re at the very bottom of the pyramid, simply providing content for YouTube to then resell those views and clicks to advertisers. You can do better than that by being your own advertiser. Have your own product. 

What most people struggle with is that if they take the steps to get as far as generating an email list by having a lead magnet (maybe a giveaway or another offer) they struggle to get people to convert and join that email list and that’s because no one reads the description.

SEO to Rank Higher On Google And SELL 2


Getting Verified From The Start Sets You Up For Success

When you start, you have to get verified on YouTube before the links become clickable. Even if you have clickable links, it’s quite difficult for people to scroll down and see those links. They just want the content in the video. That’s why whenever I want to promote the link in the description, I talk about it early on in the video. I will physically gesture early for viewers to check out the link below because I’ve got some great bonuses for you.

That’s the way to do it. You want to spark that curiosity. Don’t just give it away that it’s just another lead magnet. You should pitch it and sell it as a big benefit to them because hopefully your lead magnet really does drive value.

I do it very early on in the video because if you’ve seen stats like that, you always know 90% of your audience will drop off within the first couple of minutes of your video no matter how long it is. So make sure you try and catch them early on. You don’t care about them watching the video, you want to get them into your email list. So call out your lead magnet early on.


Watch Out: Social Media Channels Don’t Like Sharing Traffic Numbers

Here’s the next issue: if you’re posting links on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you’re going to drastically hammer your reach because those platforms don’t want to give away their traffic. They’ve got users on the site. If you’re trying to get people off the site by a link then they’re going to penalize you for it and your traffic gets really throttled.

SEO to Rank Higher On Google And SELL 3


You may have noticed that with Facebook. If you have a brand and you post a link, then you hardly get any traffic. However, when you post a photo, you get loads of traffic. That’s why people get around that by posting a photo and then putting a link in the comments, and things like that. But I like to go a step further with YouTube: I make the links in my videos not clickable most of the time. I try to do that to make sure that it introduces friction, so I get more reach on the video.

There’s a strong theory that if you link in your description YouTube will severely limit your reach, so we don’t want that, but you also want to introduce a bit of friction because it’s about quality traffic not volume of traffic. So I know that if someone’s willing to copy and paste the link from my description, then they’re probably going to be a hotter lead who already wants to buy rather than someone who’s just browsing by clicking a link.


Using Your Video Description To Filter For Hot Leads 

There’s nothing wrong with introducing a bit more friction that’s why your lead magnet can actually be quite aggressive by requesting stuff like email, revenue figures, phone numbers, etc.  People worry about putting people off but in reality, you just want to filter out the best clients so you’re only dealing with the very best leads.

You can always get more traffic, especially with powerful platforms like this, but I also go a step further. Here’s what I do: what I do in my videos is avoid links entirely. I tell people to Google my brand name and sign up for my lead magnet that way. So you probably noticed if you’ve seen any of my videos. I instruct you early on in the video, provide several different prompts etc.



For example, I mentioned that I’m the bestselling author of the Power Lever method and you can get three free chapters on my website. I also have a free download of Coach SEO keywords and I have the Power Lever Audit where I will personally audit your website for you.

It’s a detailed 10-minute audit by me. It’s so high quality and in-depth, not only focused on sales. I’ve also created a chat GPT prompt generator to create the very best SEO content that we use in the house in the agency.

I could give all that away as links in the description but if they’re clickable links, then it might not work out. It might limit my reach and who knows if people are going to scroll down and click on it. So in the video, I will instruct people to Google the Power Lever Method. Obviously, I dominate the brand name. It’s not a competitive brand name in the first place, but even if you do have a bit of competition, hopefully, your SEO is good enough to show up.

So I tell them to go to I’m the only one, there’s nothing they can confuse that with. Now the benefit here is that it gives me a brand name search, meaning real people actually hear my brand name, Google it and then click on my results. So that’s how you stop limiting your reach on YouTube with links.

Key Takeaways for Maximizing YouTube and Google SEO

  •  First, you want to monetize properly by having some kind of backend offer you can present to your audience.
  • Don’t link to it in the description because that will limit your reach. Instead, prompt your audience to do a Google search to find you
  • Download the lead magnet and that way, you’ll get a massive brand name search to your organic result which Google will see means you’re a proper brand and proper entity that people really like.
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