How I Build High Quality PR Backlinks That Rank With ChatGPT

Building PR backlinks that RANK HIGH using ChatGPT.

In this blogpost, I’m going to share with you how we’re building incredibly powerful, high quality PR backlinks using ChatGPT.

Now we already had a really good process down in terms of reaching out only to really high-quality websites with a minimum DR of 30 and minimum traffic of 1,000 and then going through a lengthy screening process to make sure every one of those links was actually going to give us power, results and won’t do any damage to our website.


Maintaining High Standards  by Rejecting 90% of Potential Sites

We reject 90% of potential sites we could build links on because they fail our screening process. So we go through and check that the domain rating is actually genuine, and not that they are using artificial inflation tactics and bad links. We also check to see where their traffic is coming from, what keywords are they ranking, etc. These are the kind of things that tell you a good site that’s actually going to give you more power, authority, and Trust in order to rank on Google.

However, we can actually go better than that in terms of the content that the link is placed on. One of the tactics is to find relevant pages that already have some age and power with Google and insert your link there with the correct anchor text to the desired page on your website. This already has a lot of benefits but more recently thanks to AI, we’ve been trying to go a little further and rediscovering the world of guest posting.


Redefining Guest Posting with AI: PR-Style Articles for Powerful Backlinks

Remember, the traditional guest posting tactic was basically a content exchange, where you’d offer to write some content, but in reality, you pay someone abroad $10 to write it and the webmaster gets a poor-quality piece of content. But you still get the link that’s contextually relevant to to your site and  your niche. These days, however, we can actually go a lot further thanks to the power of AI. That’s because these kinds of guest posts are always going to be more powerful if they rank for keywords because Google trusts traffic more than anything else.

So you can have a guest post on a website that’s really powerful and getting lots of traffic, but in reality, your guest post is very deep in that website and therefore not really getting any attention. You may even want to find if its indexed at all.


The Power of Guest Posts That Rank

In a nutshell, you’re much better off if you can get that guest post to rank. That’s why I recommend either placing your link on a page that’s already getting some traffic from Google or writing your guest post in such a way that it’s likely to get traffic.

Only a very few people are doing this, but we use correlational tools like Surfer SEO to make sure that every guest post we write is fully optimized for that keyword as if we were writing that page for our own website. A fully optimized page on a powerful website is much more likely to get some traffic and therefore that link leading back to your website is going to have a lot more power.

Now we go a step further because rather than just a guest blog, imagine if we optimize that and that guest blog ranks in Google. So in an ideal world, for a certain search term, it could be your website that’s ranking but then underneath It, all these news placements, media brands talking about your niche or brand, all funneling authority back to you. They could also funnel clicks back to you.


PR-Style Articles: The Secret Weapon for Backlinks and Sales

One way we can be more clever with this is to do a PR-style article, rather than an informative guest post. PR-style articles look like content that is native to the media brand, which actually sells your product or service in the body of the content.  Not only do you get the power of the backlink that’s getting traffic and therefore has more power, but also the actual humans who are landing on this post are going to click through to your website. They are also much more likely to buy because they read about you on all these different blogs.

So here’s an example of one of these PR-style guest posts or what I like to think of as ‘guest posting. plus’ in my own head.



So we’ve got the client name in the title and the whole article is crafted to look like editorial content that secretly sells the client and it fulfills all these best practices from Surfer SEO which are all based on competitors and their content in order to create the best SEO content. With a content score of 83, it is much better than all the competitors – as the average is 66, and 82 is what the top competitor has 82. Yet, we’ve got it up to 83, meaning that the client is basically

  • getting a guest post on a powerful website
  • The content is crafted to look like editorial content by a journalist
  • The content praises their brand
  • Links to them with content that’ll rank
  • Therefore traffic, link power, and keyword authority get funneled back to the client


 Let me show you how we achieve this:

  1. We copy recommended terms from the correlational tool (Surfer SEO)

  2. Paste that on ChatGPT and then we tell the AI who the brand is, and tell ChatGPT to position itself as a PR expert or as a journalist and tell it the topic you want to publish on an authoritative news website. We tell the AI that you want the content to read like high-quality editorial content that’s subtly recommending our client, ”Noble Creations”

  3. We also ask it to use the following entities the number of times indicated after zero-slash (0/).



Basically, this follows the same process we use to craft SEO content using Surfer, but just adding a PR editorial edge so it reads like one of their in-house writer or journalist has written it. That also makes it look more trustworthy to humans and even to Google, than just a sales piece going on about how great they are.


Creating High-Converting PR-Style Guest Posts with ChatGPT

After going through those steps highlighted above, we’ll probably have to prompt chat GPT to write a longer piece because generally it will try and condense its answer into a small single response.

To counter this, you can use the prompt to keep writing and to get more and more words from that. While that’s working, go back to SEO Surfer, click  ‘outline’, and get all the topics and questions you find there. Those will be the FAQs to add to your blog post because that also has a big impact on the content score. 


Correlational Tools and AI For Compelling Content

Once we have enough content as required by Surfer, we can then copy all this content into Surfer, and fix the H1, H3, and H3 tags. Many times, you would get content score that’s somewhere between 40-60, but we always aim for 70 or more.

To achieve that, we use this ‘insert terms’ feature. It’s really powerful, gets Surfer to go in and add as many keywords as it can. Essentially, we would have two layers of optimizing the content with keywords.


Using Surfer SEO to Optimize Content

  • First, we prompted ChatGPT to try and use those terms
  • And then secondly, we get Surfer to try and add in loads more

Once Surfer adds the keywords, accept all. In this case, doing that took our content up to 54. Although that beats most of the competition who have about  32, 42, 52, and 36 content score, it’s still not good enough for us.




At this stage, our writers will then go back and forth with ChatGPT, keep on tweaking, improving and adding a lot of human writing. Then we insert a link that uses the correct anchor text on the correct client page. That way, the client’s getting an incredibly powerful link from a contextually relevant post that’s actually going to rank on Google. Maybe it won’t get much traffic but it’ll get keywords ranking somewhere within the top 100.


The Power of PR Backlinks: More Sales, Authority and Brand Awareness

It must be mentioned that these guest posts we do have a lot of contacts with major news sites — not the New York Times, of course, but good local magazines, local news sites, and things like that. So when we create these pieces and publish them on these powerful websites, they look great to Google and also to customers who would get sold if they manage to find this guest post before they land on the client’s website.

That’s basically parasite SEO where you’re leveraging the power of a powerful news site putting optimized content on it and using it to sell your product and services.

Some people ask: “is there a risk that your news articles or guest posts might outrank you? It’s unlikely because you’re basically — to use a bicycle reference — you’re the hub, you’ve got all these folks coming out there all linking back to you, giving you power. So if anything, it should be you going top.


Now’s The Time To Reach Out and Take Action

But in the unlikely event that one of your guest posts outranks you, then what that client is seeing is a high-quality news article talking about how great you are. So it looks great to Google, and looks great to actual humans! For us, this is definitely the future of our link-building service.

We’re already building great quality links on the basis of the sites but now, we’re going a level further; making sure we’re bringing really good quality pages that rank and sell. So if you are interested, please feel free to reach out and apply.

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