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Here’s the harsh truth: if your business isn’t ranking high on Google – typically in the upper reaches of the first page – then you’re practically invisible online. Stuck on page 10 of the search results? That’s page nobody, my friend. No one even searches that far, which means no one is seeing the wonderful product you have to offer, and by extension, you are not making as many sales as you possibly should! Maybe your sales profit is zero?

We’ll show you in this guide, our tested-and-trusted methods to reign supreme on search results and leave your competitors in the dust. This is literally the blog on SEO packages UK has been waiting for!


SEO Packages UK: Affordable Investment That Boosts Traffic

Google is where all the action takes place. It’s like the wild west there. All the websites are scrambling for gold (in this case, eyeballs and customers!), but as we already said, if you’re stuck outside the action zone, you’ll have no share of the potential gains.

With search engine optimisation (SEO), however,  you can get your website ranking higher for relevant search terms people are using on major search engines. More rankings equals more organic traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more money flowing into your pockets.



SEO Packages for Every UK Budget 

Generic solutions aren’t what you need. Matter of fact, those won’t cut it. We all know your business is unique, which is why smart agencies like SEO Jesus offer a variety of SEO packages to fit different needs and budgets. The best agencies offer affordable, monthly SEO packages, bespoke, tiered SEO packets, etc. to accommodate customers at different levels.

For an actual real-life example, this is what our affordable SEO packages look like:


Basic: It’s our starter pack, aimed at people who are just starting out or working on an extremely tight budget. Here’s what you get from that

  • 1 Press Release: Get your brand name out there with a well-crafted press release.
  • 35 Citations: Boost your local SEO by building a strong online presence across various directories.
  • 5 SEO Improvement Files: Receive actionable recommendations to optimise your website for search engines.


Silver: The silver package builds on the Basic tier, offering:

  • 1 Press Release
  • 35 Citations
  • 10 SEO improvement files
  • Audit Pro with video: Get a comprehensive SEO audit delivered in a video format for easy understanding.


Gold: Maximize the value of your SEO spending with the Gold package, including:

  • 1 Press release
  • 35 citations
  • 20 SEO Improvement files
  • Audit Pro with video
  • One Do-Follow PR Backlink (DR > 60): Earn a valuable high-quality backlink to boost your website’s authority.


VIP: Go all-in with the VIP package, featuring everything from the Gold tier, plus:

  • 30 SEO Improvement Files
  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 with Senior SEO Expert: Get personalized advice and insights from a seasoned SEO pro.

Remember: The best UK SEO package for you depends on your specific needs and budget. That way, you get the right SEO muscle to achieve your online goals, whether you’re just starting out or looking to crush the competition and dominate your niche.


Why Cheap SEO Isn’t Worth It: Choose Quality over Cheap Thrills

Look, cheap SEO packages might sound tempting but remember: SEO is an investment, not a cheap bypass. Don’t fall for companies promising overnight success or results that sound too good to be true.

A successful SEO campaign requires a solid SEO strategy, in-depth keyword research, and killer content creation (think blog posts and engaging website content) to keep your audience glued to your site. A reputable SEO company will focus on delivering a cost-effective solution, not the cheapest price tag.

We offer relatively affordable prices here at SEO Jesus but not at the expense of delivering exceptional, quality work. Our well-documented strategy includes: White-hat link building, free content, free SEO consultations, and SEO issues fixes. Get the complete picture and what they entail on our International SEO Services page.



Here Are The Services in UK SEO Packages

Now that we’ve established that you need SEO packages in UK (or anywhere else globally) to conquer the search engine results, let’s take it a step further and explain what to generally expect in those SEO packages:


1. On-Page Optimisation: The Foundation of SEO

Think of your business website as a house. On-page optimisation is like giving it a fresh coat of paint and rearranging the furniture especially when you want a visiting guest to fall in love with your home.

In other words, if you really want Google to crawl your site, love it, and push you up for more visibility, then your on-page optimisation has to be flawlessly done. Here are some key things on-page optimisation gives you:

  • Keyword Research: You can’t skip this process if you desire genuine and sustained SEO success. So, you need to find the search terms people use to locate businesses like yours. Once you find an agency that can successfully get that right, you’ll find it quite easier to position yourself for more traffic.
  • Technical SEO: Technical glitches often slow down your website, confusing Google and other search engines. With this service, your website becomes technically sound and easy for Google’s crawlers to go over.
  • Content Optimisation: High-quality, informative content that targets your chosen keywords is king. The service involves creating content that keeps visitors engaged and signals to Google that your website is a valuable resource.


2. Off-Page Optimisation: Building Your Website’s Reputation

Off-page optimisation builds your website’s reputation online, making it look like a trustworthy authority in your field. Here are some common off-page tactics:

  • Link Building: Earning backlinks (links from other websites to yours) is a significant ranking factor. It could involve guest blogging, broken link building, and other strategies to get your website noticed by high-quality websites.
  • Social Media Integration: Social media signals also play a role in SEO. Some packages might help integrate your social media efforts with your SEO strategy for a well-rounded online presence. It’s a two-pronged approach where you’ll be building a strong social network as you’re also solidifying SEO efforts directly on your website. That way, you increase and amplify your website’s reach better.


3. Advanced SEO Services

Many agencies offer additional services to take your SEO game to the next level. Here are a few you’re likely to find in the right SEO package:

  • Local SEO: If you have a brick-and-mortar store or serve a local clientele, local SEO can put you at the top of local search results.
  • International SEO: Thinking of expanding your reach globally? International SEO strategies help you target audiences in different countries, making you a global giant in your niche!
  • Content Marketing: High-quality, informative content is the lifeblood of any successful SEO strategy. Some agencies might offer ongoing content creation services to keep your website fresh and engaging. It’s a content machine that pumps out valuable content to attract and retain visitors.

Remember: SEO is not something you do for a brief period and pack it up. You have to keep tweaking and trying new strategies while reinforcing the tactics that bring you success. The best SEO packages UK provide a long-term strategy that delivers sustainable results and helps you achieve your business goals.



Questions To Ask Before Choosing an SEO Agency

Now it’s time to pick an SEO agency that will shoot your website to the top of search results. But with so many agencies out there, how do you choose the right one? Here are some important questions to ask potential SEO agencies before you sign up with them.


Question #1: What’s Your Experience and Track Record?

Experience matters. You want an agency with a proven history of success in your industry or niche. Ask for specific examples of how they’ve helped small businesses similar to yours achieve SEO goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies or testimonials to see their results in action.

While we are a brand with a global appeal, we have recorded particularly great successes in the UK. We’ve built solid relationships that give us a firm grasp of the market, and leverage them to get the best solutions for UK clients, whether for link placements, blog posts, or other white hat digital marketing strategies.


Question #2: Can You Explain Your SEO Strategy?

A good SEO agency will be transparent about its approach. Ask them to break down their SEO strategy for your website. Will they focus primarily on on-page optimisation, or will they also prioritize off-page tactics like link building? Understanding their plan will help you determine if it aligns with your goals and budget.

We actually do this extensively. Our international SEO service options are well-explained, well-detailed, and well laid out. You get exactly what you see.


Question #3: How Will You Communicate and Report Progress?

Communication is key! You need an agency that keeps you in the loop about your SEO campaign’s progress. Ask how often they’ll provide reports and what channels they’ll use for communication (e.g., email, phone calls, project management tools).


Question #4: What Are Your Pricing Options and What’s Included?

Get a clear picture of their pricing structure. Do they offer tiered packages, or do they create custom proposals? What specific services are included in each package? Compare pricing across different agencies, not to see who’s cheapest, but to see who offers the best value for money.


Question #5: What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Beware of agencies promising overnight success or guaranteed rankings. SEO is a complex process, and results can take time. A reputable agency will focus on delivering long-term, sustainable results through a well-defined strategy.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Speak to existing clients of the agency to get their firsthand experience on communication, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction.

Remember: Choosing the right SEO agency is an investment in your business’s online success. So don’t hold back on asking the right questions or doing your research. Those are your best bets for finding a partner who will help you dominate search results and smash your business goals.



Level Up Your Business: Final Takeaways and Action Points

You’ve conquered the SEO knowledge base. But knowledge is just power, action is how to wield it. Here are some steps to use the power of SEO Packages UK on your business website.


SEO is an Investment Worth Making

Don’t fall for the trap of cheap SEO. A successful campaign requires a well-defined strategy, ongoing effort, and consistent, high-quality content creation.

Think of it as building up something brick by brick.  So don’t be tempted to cut corners or go for low-rate SEO that promises overnight success – those tactics often backfire, leaving your website worse than when you started. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with affordable SEO packages (we’re an affordable SEO agency too), just know when it’s too good to be true. Often, when it’s like that, it ends in regret.


Set Clear SEO Goals

What do you hope to achieve with SEO? Increased website traffic, more leads, or higher conversions? Having clear goals will help you measure your progress and track your SEO success. It’ll also help you celebrate milestones, and optimize your SEO strategy for maximum impact within the UK market.


Focus on Long-Term Results

SEO is an ongoing journey, not a casual one-week effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. Be patient and consistent with your SEO efforts to see sustainable improvements in your website’s ranking and organic traffic.


Invest in High-Quality Content

Content is the master key. Create informative, engaging content that targets your chosen keywords to attract and retain visitors.


The Right SEO Partner Matters

Choosing the right SEO agency should make a great difference for you. Ask the right questions, do your research, and find an agency that aligns with your budget and goals.

Choose your perfect affordable SEO package and start rising above the bottom of Google search results.


FAQs on SEO Packages UK

You’re on your way to becoming a search result champion with the power of SEO. But before you go, let’s address some lingering questions you might have:

How much should I pay someone for SEO?

Focus on value over raw cost. While a cheap SEO package might seem tempting, it could lead to ineffective strategies or even penalties from major search engines. Invest in an agency like SEO Jesus that offers a cost-effective solution, meaning they deliver results that justify the investment.

Are SEO packages worth it?

Absolutely! A well-executed SEO strategy can significantly improve your website’s ranking, leading to more organic traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales. Think of SEO Packages UK as an investment in your online growth.

How much does an SEO plan cost?

Many SEO agencies don’t charge separately for an SEO plan. The plan is typically included within the SEO package you choose. The plan outlines the strategies and tactics the agency will use to achieve your SEO goals. Our one-time packages cost from $280-$1139. Choose based on your budget, enjoy the benefits for months!

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